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About Eldoret

The largest town in the area and the administrative centre of Uasin Gishu District of Rift Valley Province, Eldoret has all the conveniences and is a good place to stock up for your explorations of the Western Highlands. The town of Eldoret itself started in 1910 with a post office on what was known to the white settlers as "Farm 64" or just "64" because, at that time it was 64 miles from the newly built Uganda Railway railhead at Kibigori.

The railway extension toward Uganda reached Eldoret in 1924 starting a new era of prosperity and growth. In 1928 a piped water supply from Sosiani River was installed. In 1933, the East African Power and Lighting Company installed an electricity generator. Eldoret's economy is made up of textiles, Wheat, Pyrethrum, and Corn and has a number of factories.

Eldoret is located a distance of 310 Kilometers Northwest of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya and is just 15mins drive from Eldoret International Airport which is south from the town on the Eldoret – Kisumu road. It is situated approximately 7,000 feet above sea level and set beyond the Great Rift Valley in an area of maize and Wheatfield, and dominated by the 14,178 feet Mount Elgon. The population was 167,016 in 1999 (census) and it is currently the fastest growing town in Kenya, and currently the 5th largest in Kenya.

The name is based on the Masai word "Eldore" meaning "stony river" because the bed of the nearby Sosiani River is very stony. Eldoret boasts an international airport, voted the cleanest airport in the country in 2001. It also has a university - Moi University - founded in 1984, which as of 2006 has 11,778 students.

Eldoret is the hometown of numerous Kenyan star runners. The high altitude is an ideal training ground for many legendary Kenyan athletes because it trains the lungs to get more air.